Our team of highly experienced professionals with over

50 years combined experience continues a long LEGACY  of consulting, marketing, managing and developing thriving communities.


Welcome to The Frink Firm.

We create neighborhoods.

The Frink Firm (TFF) is a privately-owned capable, certified, nation-wide real estate consultant, marketing, management, development, construction, acquisition, investment, renovation and management firm. Supported by a team of industry professionals with over 50 years combined experience and an intimate knowledge of the communities we serve.


Our mission is To Build Families Through The Power Of Home. We manage the production of well-designed and affordable properties that make stable investments into the vitality of our city. Our expertise is to successfully navigate challenging developments, meet complex regulatory programs, and to develop solutions that are attractive for all parties concerned.


The Frink Firm is committed to changing lives and revitalizing neighborhoods by managing the production of quality, service-enriched housing.


Our mission is to Build Families Through The  Power Of Home.


The Frink Firm mission is to manage the production of Building Families Through The Power Of Home.


To make a difference in residents’ lives by  building outstanding communities that make stable investments to the buoyance of its cities. To create communities that power a diverse often under represented cross section of  society.


To oversee the building of homes for families with care, consideration, and compassion.


Every family deserves a well-designed home.


We believe in the power of design to help communities thrive. From the wide-angle streetscape to the smallest interior details, we focus on creating buildings that enhance the lives of residents and the fabric of neighborhoods. 


We work closely with community leaders, resident groups, local boards and officials to ensure our designs are relevant, meaningful, and valuable to everyone.


We manage great communities Intentionally.


When we manage new buildings or the renovation of existing ones, our focus is on the impact the buildings have on the environment.  We recommend design decisions based on energy efficiency, water usage, and sustainable materials that has a longtime impact.  We focus on waste reduction and recycling. 


Social Sustainability. For us, sustainability is not only about protecting the environment but promoting human wellbeing. We consult based on design healthy and efficient homes at affordable rents/purchase so residents can live fulfilling, productive lives.


In an era of disruption, strategy is more important than ever. Our Consultant service offer creative solutions that help companies across all sectors develop and execute winning strategies. We bring unrivaled capabilities, tools, technologies, and talent to every engagement. We’ll help you mobilize for change, navigate uncertainty, and flex as needed, so you achieve sustained, profitable growth.

The Frink Firm works with property owners, developers, property management/facilities services providers and others on a wide range of management issues. Our experience gives us both broad perspective on the many factors that influence real estate investment, development and management. 


Customers are the source of real growth. But what do they care about? How do you reach them? We combine in-depth insights with practical expertise in operations and economics to help you build a customer-growth organization.


The Frink Firm Makreting serice shape your  market share, create product recognition, and build a trusted public image. The team behind your campaigns understands fully the importance and carefully consider the potential benefits against the costs associated with any strategy to create a winning solution.


The Frink Firm Real Estate Administration service supports the vision, mission, and goals of our clients through combining fresh perspectives with an established system.


We offer a comprehensive suite of legal, fiduciary, fund, regulatory and compliance, and entity formation and management solutions and market-leading expertise.


This helps clients gain the advantages they seek in complex markets and matters.